The Family Rocks Foundation, INC

The Family Rocks Foundation, INC is a non-profit organization that wants to help
eliminate and relieve parents from the stress of parenthood.

The Family Rocks Foundation is built from the principle that every family should have the essential rocks of Peace, Love, Joy, Faith, Strength and Hope to ensure a firm family foundation. The organization spreads the news that all families and parents can rock with confidence in knowing that they are not alone and they can raise a healthy and balanced family.

We desire to move parents towards a confidence in knowing that they have been chosen to be parents and are well able to carry out the assignment. We provide a network to parents who desire to connect with like minded families. We believe that diversity brings resourceful resources and we embrace multicultural families. The Family Rocks Foundation, INC recognizes that strong families’ aide in ensuring strong communities.  The Foundation will assist in the well being of families by providing workshops, conferences, retreats and parenting tools to help families remain or become stable, happy and loving.